PCV Bus Driver Training

PCV Bus Driver Training

Approved driving instructor training your way

Our PCV bus driver training is easy to enrol in. all you need is a little dedication and a spirit to succeed, our instructors take care of the rest. Our instructors are experienced in their field of knowledge and strive to share it with the students who enrol with us. We do not have any out of the ordinary enrolment eligibility policies. It’s extremely easy for anyone to enrol in our PCV driver training. Here are a few requirements that you need to fulfil.

You must be at least 18 years of age, sometimes 21 is the limit.

You must not have any mental or physical disability.

You must hold a valid driver’s license on you.

That’s pretty much it. No formal educational degrees, no extra ordinary talents required to fill in this spot. You’ll be doing great.

PCV bus driver training license categories

Our PCV bus driver training is tailored to provide the candidates with the confidence and the skill they need to go out on the road and drive responsibly. Here are a few license categories that you can go for:

  • CAT D1

    This license allows you to drive a mini bus that is no longer than 8 meters and has maximum 16 seats. You can also tow a trailer weighing up to 750 kg.

  • CAT D1+E

    This license also allows you to driver a 16 seat minibus that is 8 meters long only with an exception of towing a trailer heavier than 750 kg but not heavier than the vehicle itself. The combined weight should be 12 tonnes.

  • CAT D

    This license allows you to drive a bus or a coach with 16 seats and tow a trailer up to 750 kg.

  • CAT D+E

    This is the most advanced bus license. It allows you to drive a bus with more than 16 seats and tow a trailer heavier than 750 kg.

Curious about the pricing?


No, we do not have any hidden charges and our PCV bus driver training is affordable by anyone. We have kept our rates competitive and our courses are a great value for money.

Easy instalments

You can pay your fee in easy installment plans. We do not like to burden you with all the money matters during your training.

0% interest rate funding

We are offering a funding option which involves no interest so you can train now and pay later once done.