Our courses and services

With us, you should expect nothing less than an extensive training. No matter what training course you choose to go for, you will find our instructors going in the details of each and every single element of the training. We are offering the following training courses.

Forklift Training Course

We recommend making a career in the industrial sector by enrolling in forklift training. There is a lot of potential for growth and the salaries are pretty amazing. Our forklift training has helped so many people earn thousands of pounds each year.

HGV Training Course

This is the ultimate career building LGV training that we are offering on competitive rates. Think of anything from towing a trailer to a horsebox, we will train you for exactly what you want to drive in our HGV driver training.

PCV Bus Driver Training Course

Are you ready for a successful career because we are ready to train you? Our PCV bus driver training is a combination of theory and practice on field so you grasp the concepts and skill properly. We are offering training for bus, minibus and coach at the moment.

Welcome to the World of Professionals

Have you ever come across a driving school with a 100% pass rate? Well, you have now. We are offering HGV training and PCV bus driver training through which our students pass in the first test attempt ever. Our instructors are fully qualified and dedicated towards getting you started on the journey to success. We are equipped with latest vehicles that are regularly assessed for your safety. Learning how to drive a heavier vehicle doesn’t have to be full of limitations. We make things easy and fun.

Prices and Funding

We have special offers in our rates. We have kept our course trainings that are affordable by anyone easily. You don’t have to worry about any hidden charges. If you are low on funds you can avail our 0% interest rate funding option with which you can train now and pay later once you are finished.


Our main focus is to get you a skill that can help you earn up to £30,000 per annum. All of our training courses from HGV training to PCV bus driver training are designed so you can earn and grow in your position within the company. You can also become your own boss and look for freelance work with these trainings.